Body and Suspension Lifts
Part# Description New Used










Body lifts ,an easy way to get better clearance for larger tires. our kits come with 7/16 nuts and bolts. Recommend installing new body mounts and hardware at the same time .
 1  inch body lift
 2 inch body lift
 3 inch body lift










L15 Poly body mount kit 42  
L15a Body mount hardware kit (7/16 bolts and washers, sleeves) 32  
L16 Extended adjustable clutch rod 22.99  
S107 U-joint for steering column (heavy duty)
for welding in to get shaft angles correct (2 yokes & 1 u-joint)


Front Double Shock Hoops

Lift kits are available in many different setups and we feel that the long travel kits give much better all around performance, have a much better ride and let's face it, you want to be able to drive the thing without a kidney belt!

As with anything that you do to your Bronco you won't get full potential from your modification with only a part of the good parts. So do yourself a favor and set it up right the first time. Sure you can start with the basics and add to it as you go, so long as the parts are made to complement one another.

Good springs in the rear won't work as well with poor springs in the front, or other stiff buckboard parts. You probably won't even know how nice it could all work together if you never see what a good system can really do.

Part# Description New Used
LM1a Front double shock hoops 1 1/2 .120 Wall  behind the spring double shock hoops 169 (pair)  
LM1 Front dual shock mounts weld on 47  
LM2 Rear weld on double shock mounts 49  
L12 Adjustable tracking rod with bushings 139 65
LM4 Front coil springs, variable rate (good travel, nice ride) 139 (pair)  
LM5 Drop track bar bracket (3 1/2 inch lift) 32